Reclaimed Mosaics

reused, recycled, found tiles and glass

welcome and enjoy



Hello and welcome to my site. Here i'm show casing all my mosaic work. Have a look around and enjoy the journey.

All the mosaic's are made from found, recycled and re claimed materials, which is a great challenge. I use anything I can find from washed glass from the beach, to dug up tiles from farmers tracks, and i'm always on the look out round building sites as you never know where the next treasure will turn up.

where does it all come from?

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everything from clothes, colors, a fragment of tile, packerging, signs - oh the list could go on forever, a childs toy, wrapping paper, plants, flowers, texture. But from this tiny spark always come's a piece of work. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with my many thoughts, but through experimenting with many medium's and techniques i've fallen for mosaicing.

It somehow incorporates everthing I love, each mosaic is unique and has love and blood poured in to it ( yes real blood as i usally cut my hands while grouting).

All of my mosaic's are made from 100% recycled, reclaimed, vintage found tiles and glass. The boards they are on are also reused pieces of wood. My style of mosaicing has many unusual elemants in and can look like a  collage at the end, but that is part of the beauty of them. Each one different, each one one has a story, and to think they are made from item's that would of been thrown away or unwanted, makes me happy. Giving objects a new life, a secound chance to be beautiful.